I have worked with Sara for a couple of years now and her work is incomparable to other massage therapists I've worked with. An intuitive, who is able to find the parts most in need of care (the obvious and even the not so obvious parts), in ways I have yet to find elsewhere. As someone that suffers from chronic pain or tightness, in the same areas, I'm grateful for her ability to bring relief and release. I've tried many other healing modalities, and for me personally, this is the only that brings immediate results. In addition, Sara is incredibly kind and committed to making sure that I have a great experience each time. -I.S

I have been a chronic migraineur for seven years. When I’m under a migraine, the pain means I don’t want anyone to touch my head or neck. But Sara can do so, and improve the pain! I have also been seeing her for preventative massage, and the lack of tension in my muscles after having seen her is incredible. I highly recommend her to anyone with any kind of discomfort or injury, as well as for a relaxing massage. -B.

Fantastic. Very communicative during the session. She really knows her craft and I highly recommend. - R. S.

"Sara was unbelievably kind and professional. I came in with a horrible back and left feeling great! I would definitely recommend this wonderful massage therapist."
- Anonymous

"Sara has an outstanding ability to identify and repair muscular tension and misalignment. Her work is an integral part of my health maintenance." - R

Just had the most amazing massage by Sara. Not only does my body feel relaxed and refreshed, I learned some pointers on how to stretch and work on myself between massages. I really need to get a massage more than once every 6 mos. I definitely need to feel this way more often. Thank you Sara for making this body feel good! 😘

If anyone needs a massage by an awesome massage therapist I have just the girl for you. Sara started undoing years of tension and knots on the left side of my body. Just 45 minutes and I am already feeling looser...Thanks Sara! I will be back. -LS

"Sara is an excellent licensed massage therapist in NYC. Her work is especially helpful for folks like me who have athletic injuries that really benefit from targeted massage. She's also posted lots of interesting massage-related health articles on her [facebook] page. I highly recommend that you book an appointment and follow her!      - Anne K.

I’ve had more than a dozen massages with her—very relaxing.  She’s also helped me deal with acute, painful issues twice, knowing the right points & right amount of pressure to release the muscles. I highly recommend her. - D.S. nyc